Best Gold Ballet Flats of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Let’s get real for a minute, shall we? None of us really like wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Sure, those heels or wedges look great, but the blisters and foot pain they bring with them sometimes aren’t worth it.

Thankfully, a simple and attractive pair of flats is the best and easiest way to give your feet a break while looking cute and stylish throughout.

However, finding the right pair can be a mammoth task.

And it gets even more difficult when you are looking for the best gold ballet flats. For that, we’ve got your back.

Where Can You Wear Ballet Flats?

Since ballet flats are so versatile, you can wear these shoes practically wherever and whenever.

For instance, you’d like having them on when shopping for new clothes.

These shoes are so easy to put on and take off that you will appreciate that convenience when trying out shoes or pants.

They are an excellent option to wear to work, too. A classic nude or black pair will match any work attire.

Not only will they make you look professional, but they will also keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Ballet flats can also be your go-to shoes on days when you would need to do a lot of walking.

A comfortable pair of flats in this scenario can make or break your entire day.

Lastly, these shoes are also a great choice to wear during brunch dates with the girls.

Avoid basic colors like black and beige, though. Instead, go for bolder colors like gold or silver to add that extra oomph to your outfit.

Comparison Chart

Cole Haan Women’s Callie Ballet Flats

Steve Madden womens Sweets Ballet Flats

Cambridge Select Women’s Closed Round Toe Ballet Flats

Ollio Women’s Shoe Comfort Ballet Flats

Aerosoles Women’s Goldie Ballet Flats

Best Gold Ballet Flats Reviews

1. Cole Haan Women’s Ballet Flats

Cole Haan is an American company that manufactures footwear and accessories for men and women.

Founded in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois, it now has headquarters in New York City and Greenland, New Hampshire.

As you’ll see in these flats, Cole Haan shoes are super trendy and stylish.

Many love this brand for its beautiful designs, which are sold in countries all over the world.


Cole Haan has been the go-to brand for comfortable and stylish shoes for decades now, and these ballet flats are no different.

These gorgeous leather shoes come with a micro-wedge, a padded footbed, a beautiful laser-cut detailing on the leather upper, and a rubber sole.

All of these work together to provide you with excellent all-day comfort and support.

With this combination, you can also rest assured that these flats are well made.

You can easily walk 10,000 steps a day or more in them without experiencing any pain or blisters.

Besides these golden ballet flats, Cole Haan also offers the same design in gorgeous mahogany rose and black.

In terms of sizing, you can choose from anywhere from sizes five to 11, with a 0.5 increment in between.

What’s particularly interesting about the sizing is that they offer a regular width and a wide width option.

This can be beneficial for women who have wider feet.


  • Beautiful yet simple design
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Has an excellent fit
  • Will fit women with wider feet


  • Does not run true to size

2. Steve Madden Women’s Ballet Flats

Steve Madden is an American footwear and accessories company based out of Long Island City, New York.

The company was founded by Steve Madden himself back in 1990.

To date, it designs and markets shoes for men, women, and children, and you can see its products worn worldwide.

All in all, you will find over 120 Steve Madden stores across the United States and around 250 more in 65+ countries.


These Steve Madden flats are not only sleek and polished but are also incredibly comfortable.

Its synthetic sole offers excellent grip and traction, while the cushioned footbed adds more comfort to your foot.

Besides the gold pair, these flats are also available in three different colors.

You can choose between a classic black pair, a snake print, and a mocha-colored option.

Size-wise, the brand offers these flats in sizes running between 5.5 and 11.

At first glance, you will immediately notice that this is a simple-looking pair of flats with a cute bow at the front.

It is comfortable to wear, versatile, and classy.

Because it is a brilliant everyday-shoe option, this is the kind of ballet flats you must add to your shoe collection.


  • Classic design
  • Offers excellent grip
  • Available in multiple size options
  • Supports and hugs the feet snugly


  • Overall quality could have been better

3. Cambridge Select Women’s Ballet Flats

Cambridge Select is an American company known for being analytical and innovative at heart.

As such, you’ll find that the brand manufactures and markets some of the most stylish footwear.

It aims to transform its customer’s shopping experience by providing them with versatile shoes.

With a Cambridge Select pair of shoes on, you will have a reliable companion as you live life to the fullest.


Regardless if you’re getting ready for a night out on the town or simply heading to Walmart to shop, you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes.

And with what these ballet flats offer, they might just be exactly what you are looking for.

Available in trendy rose gold, silver, and champagne, these flats are the best option if you are on the market for a versatile pair.

You might also like that these flats have a micro-wedge that measures roughly 0.25 inches in height.

The inside comes with a little padding, too, keeping your feet comfortable even if you wear them for extended periods.

To ensure you stay on your feet, the shoes feature a non-skid sole that provides sufficient traction and stability.

Unfortunately, you might encounter issues with the sizing. The brand only offers these shoe sizes from six to 10.


  • Easy to pair with most outfits
  • Small heel for added height
  • Offers enough support and comfort
  • Keeps you from slipping


  • Limited sizes

4. Ollio Women’s Ballet Flats

Ollio is a well-established fashion shoe brand carrying trendy and stylish women’s footwear.

Founded more than 10 years ago, it offers only the best quality products you can be sure are built to last.

Ollio truly believes that fashion should be attainable to everyone, which is why most of its shoes are reasonably priced.


The Ollio Women’s Ballet Flats is a brilliant footwear for those looking for a simple and flexible pair of shoes.

The shoe boasts a durable synthetic material build, and the rubber sole has a 0.1-inch height.

Along with the gold color, there are 11 different colors you can choose from to find the one that will match your style.

Some of these colors include tan, yellow, white, blue, beige, black, and more.

This round-toe ballet flat is a great option for those who like to travel light, as the shoe is flexible.

It can bend as you walk and will take up only a small space in your bag.

There’s also an elasticized topline that ensures the shoe fits well on your feet.

For your convenience, Ollio added the pull tab on the back so that you can easily wear and take them off.

Like the previous ballet flats, these shoes also come in sizes ranging from six to 10.



  • Lack of sizing options

5. Aerosoles Women’s Goldie Ballet Flats

Since 1987, Aerosoles has been using technology and science to manufacture shoes that look and feel good.

The brand is known for its footwear that boasts unique designs and exceptional quality, supporting every men’s and women’s busy lifestyle.


If you are looking for a pair of ballet flats that are all decked out, the Aerosoles Women’s Goldie Ballet Flats is what you need.

These ballet flats are part of the brand’s exclusive collection with Martha Stewart.

They feature rivets and brass embellishments, along with a selection of bold metallic and natural hues.

Aside from gold, you can also find it in dark tan, wine, black, and blue.

Any one of these pairs can easily find its way into both your play and work wardrobe.

Backed with core comfort technology, you will find no problems with wearing these shoes for extended periods.

It also has a removable footbed and a breathable lining.

To top that off, the rubber sole provides a good amount of traction, too.

The shoe is available in sizes ranging from five to 12, with 0.5 increments between each size.


  • Unique design
  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Multiple color options
  • Available in many sizes
  • Offers good grip


  • Expensive

How to Style Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the definition of a comfortable, classic, and practical pair of shoes.

As such, no one can deny that they are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

Even so, not many are aware of how to style them. Some even complain that these flats can, at times, look frumpy than fabulous.

How Can You Style Your Ballet Flats?

Styling ballet flats are surprisingly simple.

All you need to do is follow these simple styling tips, and you are good to go.

1. Keep it lean.

Make sure to create a streamlined silhouette so that you lengthen your body.

To achieve this, wear a shirt dress with a belt or a simple top with pants to match with your flats.

2. Don’t be afraid to show some skin.

Ballet flats tend to look the best when you show some skin.

Wear your flats with a knee-length dress or skirt or a pair of shorts.

Even cropped pants ending above the ankle will complement your flats.

3. Lengthen your legs.

You can always pick a pair of nude-colored ballet flats to elongate your legs.

These look great with skin-colored leggings.

4. Roll your pants.

When wearing jeans or pants, we recommend rolling them from the bottom, finishing them right above your ankle.

Doing this will emphasize your pair of ballet flats.

5. Don’t shy away from accessories.

You can balance the practicality of your ballet flats and their lean, classic silhouette by going all out with accessories.

Wear a bold piece like a necklace or a choker, bracelets, or a bold belt to add to that wow factor.

6. Team them up with skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans and ballet flats are a classic combination.

Make sure that your skinny jeans are tight all the way to the ankles to showcase your ballet flats.

What To Look For When Buying Ballet Flats?

As simple as they may look, there are things you need to keep in mind when choosing a pair of ballet flats.

Look for a pair that will effectively shield your feet from the hard ground.

Check that the insoles are thick enough to provide this protection.

How the ballet flats fit your foot will depend on the material used to make them.

The softer the material, the more comfortable it will be. The soft materials we are referring to include satin, leather, and cotton.

Patent leather flats tend to be harder and can even pinch your feet.

When buying a pair of flats, especially from a store, try them out at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that the foot has a tendency to swell as the day progresses, so ensure you keep some wiggle room.

As great as they may look, ballet flats with dramatic shapes, like the pointed-toe kind, tend to be harder on the feet’s inner and outer mounds.

Avoid these dramatically shaped flats, especially if you have wider feet.

Women with wide feet should always choose a pair of flats with a wider toe box. These shoes will be large enough to accommodate their toes comfortably.

Which Is the Best Pair of Gold Ballet Flats?

The best gold ballet flats should come from a trusted brand, offer comfort and support, and worth the price, too.

With that said, if we had to pick one pair, it would be the Cole Haan Women’s Ballet Flats.

Among the five, this one, in particular, had the most attractive design.

Perhaps more important than that, though, is that it doesn’t pinch the toes and won’t cause blisters even as you wear it all day.