Best Ballet Flats for Wide Feet in 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Do you know anyone who doesn’t like shoes? There’s no denying that everyone loves shoes.

And it’s understandable, too; a good pair can easily complete an outfit and might even take it to another level.

The cruel thing about fashion, though, is that not every piece is comfortable to wear for everybody.

Take ballet flats, for example.

These stylish and timeless staples are perfect for everyday wear, but what if you have wide feet?

To help you out, we took it upon ourselves to find the best ballet flats for wide feet available right now.

Comparison Chart

Charles Albert Ballet Flats

Skechers Women’s Cleo Ballet Flats

DailyShoes Flat Ballerina Shoes

Silky Toes Foldable Ballet Flats

Ollio Women’s Ballet Flats

Best Ballet Flats for Wide Feet Reviews

1. Ollio Faux Suede Ballet Flats

Ollio is a well-known shoe brand creating fashionable women’s footwear for more than a decade.

With Ollio, you can rest assured that all products are quality-made.


These faux suede ballet flats from Ollio come in various colors that can easily match any outfit, whether you are wearing a dress, jeans, or skirt.

It’s an imported footwear inspired by soft ballet shoes, so you get exceptional everyday comfort.

It also comes with sturdy and supportive rubber outsoles.

The toebox of the ballet flats offers plenty of room for the toes to breathe and move naturally without squishing.

These comfortable and lightweight Ollio shoes are created using human-made materials.

The manufacturer ensures that all its trendy shoes are made with exceptional craftsmanship.


  • Comfortable
  • Fits snugly
  • Made of soft material
  • Flexible
  • Designed to last


  • Runs small
  • Inconsistent sizing

2. DailyShoes X Ankle Straps Ballet Flats

These well-loved ballet flats from DailyShoes are famous for their budget-friendly price, style, and comfort.


These DailyShoes ballet flats come with a thick, X-ankle elastic strap that adds style to the footwear.

It’s flattering to the feet while ensuring your foot sits comfortably inside.

It has a stunning almond-shaped construction, and the durable but soft exterior offers a textured charm and appeal.

And with its vast array of colors and sizes, this casual footwear is the perfect match for all types of outfits and occasions.

The extended shaft, with its built-in zipper, allows you to easily put the shoes on and off.

At the same time, it also provides enough ankle support.

These classic ballet flats’ durable rubber outsoles provide excellent traction and keep you safe and stable even in a wet and slippery environment. 


  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Roomy toe area
  • True to size
  • Stylish and easy to pair with most outfits


  • Tight straps
  • Minimal toe coverage

3. Charles Albert Canvas Ballet Flats

These classic ballet slippers are by Charles Albert, a legitimate brand for accessories and fashion shoes for men and women.

All its shoe creations boast gorgeous designs and a comfortable fit, helping boost the confidence of anyone wearing them.


These imported dress shoes are made of high-quality polycotton material and lightweight and flexible thermoplastic rubber outsoles to ensure durability.

The fabric stretches when worn, providing the perfect coverage and comfortable fit whatever foot orientation you have.

Inside, you will find a synthetic lining and padded insoles, making the shoes comfortable to wear for long periods.

For an updated look to classic footwear, these round-toed ballet flats come with a knotted design on their vamp.

Its versatile design makes it the perfect footwear for a casual and chic look when paired with your favorite jeans and tops.

You can also wear it with other outfits, and it will still look great.

Pick your favorite color and size from its numerous choices to match your mood and outfit.


  • Roomy toe bed
  • Comfortable to wear
  • True to size
  • Has soft uppers
  • Flattering on feet


  • No arch support
  • Not durable

4. Skechers Cleo-Claw-Some Ballet Flats

If you’ve been in this world long enough, you probably already heard of Skechers.

For many, Skechers means durable and stylish shoes for all types of feet.

These Cleo-Claw-Some ballet flats, for example, are guaranteed to keep you in style without compromising your comfort.


With an almost seamless design, you’ll love the soft and stretchable woven fabric of the upper.

It also has knit-in leopard spot details for a more fashionable look.

The slip-on closure offers excellent casual comfort, making this pair a superb footwear choice for any type of outfit.

Adding to the comfort are the soft fabric lining and cloth-topped, air-cooled memory foam insole.

Moreover, the flat midsole and ⅛-inch heel keep your feet supported even if you walk for long periods.

You can even use it for walking on slippery paths, thanks to the flexible rubber traction outsole that ensures you stay protected from slips.

For feet coverage, you get a slightly pointed toe front and lightly plunging front collar to achieve just the right fit.

Its most impressive feature yet is that these Skechers ballet flats are completely machine-washable.

Run them on the gentle cycle using cold water, and hang them to air dry.


  • Simple yet stylish
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Fits most budgets
  • Has a cushioned footbed


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Strange fit

5. Foldable Ballet Flat Slipper Shoes by Silky Toes

Silky Toes is one of the most well-loved brands if you are looking for foldable ballet flats.

No doubt, these portable shoes are great travel companions. 


These roll-up slipper shoes offer a comfortable and excellent fit with their elastic feature at the back that keeps your feet safe and comfy.

It has a solid-color fabric lining, providing the added comfort to your feet as you wear them for extended periods.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes to match your outfit, making it the best ballet flats for all kinds of events.

The durable and flexible rubber outsoles allow you to fold and insert them into the matching carrying pouch.

Also, these are anti-skid soles for good traction.

You will notice that this casual round-toe footwear has a shiny finish because it’s made of quality synthetic leather.

Adding to its overall appeal is the small bow detail on its vamp.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Fits well
  • Soft on the feet
  • Cushioned insole


  • Thin material
  • May fall apart quickly

What Shoes To Wear if You Have Wide Feet?

Wide feet problems are common among plenty of people.

Sadly, around two-thirds of the population don’t wear the right shoe size, including the width.

Most individuals, especially adults, endure wearing uncomfortable shoes because they can’t find a shoe with a more expansive toe room.

Below is the breakdown of suitable shoes for people with wide feet, so they don’t have to jam their feet inside a narrow toe cap.

1. Ballet Flats

These shoe types have dainty silhouettes that give your feet a slimming appearance.

Basically, this means wearing wide ballet flats helps you achieve an elegant, feminine look.

The versatility of these ballet-inspired shoes allows you to wear them anywhere and anytime. You will find it in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

Also, different brands offer wide ballet flats from their shoe collections that will match what you are looking for in footwear.

2. Block Heels

Closed-toe shoes with block heels for wide feet offer attractive dressy footwear you can wear on any occasion.

Block heeled shoes are not just for semi-formal and formal functions. You can also wear them for business-casual gatherings.

2. Booties

Cold-weather booty shoes are not just for individuals with wide feet.

These versatile shoes also come with elegance and practicality.

You can wear them during casual events, in official and professional settings, or at dressier occasions.

Booties have different heel heights between 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

They also have various closure designs like easy-on zippers, pull-on, and elastic gore paneling.

3. Casual Lace-Up Sneakers

Casual sneakers will always be in style. They are fashion necessities you can wear in any season.

Look for a sporty chic street style in a wide-width variety and partner it with your casual outfits.

You can find modern and old-school designs without compromising your comfort.

Lace-up sneakers are also available in different materials, with added unique features exclusive only to their brands.

4. Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals are warm-weather elevated footwear suitable for wide feet.

Choosing a simple yet elegant design allows you to wear the sandals in the office during the day and then straight to whatever event you have at night.

The block heel, plus an adjustable strappy design in a wide-width variety, is an excellent combination for ladies with wide feet.

5. Kitten Heels

For closed-toe shoes, you’ll also find those with kitten heels. They are shorter stilettos with heels measuring about two inches high.

There are also wide-width varieties that feature kitten heels, giving a slimming illusion on your feet.

6. Platform Sandals

Similar to wedges, platform sandals are elevated footwear that works excellent with wide feet. 

7. Pointed-Toe Flats

Pointed-toe flats look chic and modern with a touch of professional elegance. These are the types of flat shoes you can wear for both work and leisure.

Wearing pointed-toe flats in a wide-width variety can make your feet look slimmer. Choose designs with classic silhouettes and subtle details.

8. Slides

Slides are always the first choice for warm-weather footwear for wide-footed individuals. These versatile sandals look flattering on the feet.

You can find wide-width style slides with adjustable straps and dependable treaded rubber soles to achieve the perfect fit and support.

9. Slip-On Sneakers

Among the favorite casual footwear for men and women is slip-on sneakers. This versatile shoe style is modern and classic at the same time.

Although some regular-width slip-on sneakers provide a generous fit, you might want to opt for the wide-width variety for maximum comfort.

10. Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are the perfect examples of summer footwear you can don anywhere.

You can pair them with dresses, shorts, skirts, and jeans, among others.

If you have wide feet, it’s best to look for a sandal with adjustable straps and a broad footbed to ensure ultimate comfort.

11. Wedges

Always stand tall when wearing wedge heels. The wide-width wedge shoes are the most convenient heels for wide-footed ladies.

It’s a stylish footwear choice you can wear with almost anything, especially summer clothing like dress, jeans, and maxi skirt, among others.

How Can I Make My Ballet Flats More Comfortable?

We all know how versatile ballet flats are. Even so, they can hurt your feet sometimes.

You can make it comfortable by making minor modifications to your ballet flats.

If you feel that the shoes’ heel or shaft is poking your feet, attach moleskin paddings or gel dots as added lining to the irritating part that is in contact with your feet.

Too tight ballet flats?

Try using a wooden shoe stretcher to lengthen the shoe and prevent blisters due to constant rubbing.

It’s rare to find ballet flats that offer heel and arch support, which may cause pain as you wear the shoes.

For these, there are slim-fit insoles you can use to get enough support for your feet.

Moreover, most new shoes require breaking-in.

If you have a new pair of ballet flats, it will do you good to wear them as you walk inside the house.

How Do You Break in New Flats?

As mentioned, most shoes need some breaking-in to fit and feel right on your feet.

Get a hairdryer and blow the hot air all over the shoes for a minute to soften the material.

Then, wear the warm shoes as you repeat the process on the other pair.

Next, walk inside your house while wearing warm shoes until they cool.

Try to repeat the procedure several times until the shoes fit comfortably.

Are Ballet Flats Bad for Your Feet?

Some people consider ballet flats unsuitable footwear due to their lack of support.

After all, they don’t have an arch system, which helps absorb the pressure’s impact on your feet’s movement.

To help with this, make sure you choose a pair that fits you just right.

Should Flats Be Tight or Loose?

Your ballet flats should have a comfortable fit—not tight, not loose, but just the right fit.

To achieve the proper fit, leave at least ¼-inch allowance between your longest toe and the shoes’ toe cap.

This space provides enough wiggle room for your feet.

Whatever you do, don’t buy tight shoes in the hopes that they will stretch eventually.

What Is the Most Comfortable Ballet Flats?

There is nothing more annoying than wearing ill-fitting shoes.

To ensure you are always comfortable with your footwear, you must be aware of your shoe size and width.

In this way, you’ll know which pair to choose among the best ballet flats for wide feet.

From among these five choices, we are most in favor of the Ollio Faux Suede Ballet Flats because of their durability.

We also like DailyShoes X-Ankle Straps Ballet Flats because of their close design similarity to some of the best ballet shoes in the market.