Best Nude Ballet Flats of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The timeless nature of ballet flats makes them a popular choice among youngsters and adults alike.

However, choosing the right pair from the vast array of colors, styles, and silhouettes available can be intimidating.

Thus, we put together a list of the best nude ballet flats since they will naturally complement your overall outfit.

Comparison Chart

Feversole Women’s Macaroon Ballet Flat

DREAM PAIRS Ballerina Flat Shoes

Aerosoles Women’s Homerun Ballet Flats

Cole Haan Women’s Emory Bow Ballet Flats

Circus by Sam Edelman Women’s Connie Ballet Flats

Best Nude Ballet Flats: A Review

1. Feversole Women's Macaroon Ballet Flats

The Feversole Women's Macaroon Ballet Flats is an all-rounder in the world of ballet flats.

Its inner memory foam compliments the shock-absorbing outer rubber sole to ensure maximum comfort, support, and safety.


The Feversole Women's Macaroon Ballet Flats combines functionality, comfort, and support.

The five-millimeter deep memory foam inner sole and the footbed provide a soft and supportive environment for your feet.

Other than ensuring maximum arch support, the memory foam naturally contours against your feet and envelops caressingly to reduce fatigue and ensure long wear.

Combined with the rubber outer sole, the padded inner ensures some elevation from ground level, protecting against the friction created by harsh surfaces.

The rubber outsole's flexible nature supports traction, while the reinforced ridges in the front and back section protect against slipping.

Additionally, there is a half-centimeter high heel included in the Feversole Women's Macaroon Ballet Flats' outer sole.

This feature enhances arch support and acts as a shock-absorbing barrier.

We found the canvas inner lining to be one of the most attractive features of the ballet flats.

The durable nature of the canvas material complements the overall sturdy built and features of the flats, enhancing longevity.

Its breathable nature also ensures maximum airflow. Thanks to the moisture-wicking elements incorporated that are most useful during the warm weather.

By ensuring maximum airflow within, your feet remain sweat-free, cool, and odorless for prolonged periods.


  • Ridges prevent slipping
  • Provides optimal arch support
  • Shock-absorbing outsole
  • Breathable lining


  • Irremovable and irreplaceable insole and footbed

2. DREAM PAIRS Ballerina Flat Shoes

The Dream Pairs Ballerina Flat Shoes comes with an upgraded round-toe silhouette that features an ankle strap with an adjustable buckle.

Unlike others, these ballet flats maximize comfort by targeting supportive elements in their design.


We found the Dream Pairs Ballerina Flat Shoes’ ankle strap with an adjustable buckle its most attractive feature.

This upgraded design of the timeless round-toe silhouette ensures maximum support since users now have an extra snug-fitting layer.

We found these flats to have the same customized support level as found in unstructured pairs of ballet flats that feature an elasticized collar.

The sturdy yet flexible rubber outer sole protects against unwarranted falls with the help of the ridged sections given on the front and rear sections.

Combined with an approximately 0.25-inch heel, the rubber outer sole creates a shock-absorbing barrier against rough surfaces.

Although relatively small, the heel helps achieve optimal arch support, while the premium latex cushioned footbed is housed within a faux leather lining.

In doing so, the Dream Pairs Ballerina Flat Shoes reduces soreness, joint ache, and fatigue by creating a healthy and supportive environment for your feet.

Finally, the ultra-soft lining within the shoes protects against possible chafing, which could otherwise lead to blisters.

Its moisture-wicking properties regulate temperature, preventing sweat accumulation and ensuring a hygienic environment within the shoes.

You will feel comfortable keeping the flats on for longer periods and rest assured knowing that there won’t be any foul odors to worry about.


  • Ensures a snug fit
  • Non-skid outer sole; prevents slipping
  • Soft moisture-wicking inner lining


  • Lack of removable and replaceable footbed and inner sole

3. Aerosoles Women's Homerun Ballet Flats

The Aerosoles Women's Homerun Ballet Flats features functionality at its best.

The patented Stitch N’ Turn technology combined with a sturdy leather exterior ensures durability and supportive long wear.

Additionally, the cushioned footbed's removable nature enhances versatility by allowing users with orthopedic insoles to replace them easily.


We found the patented Stitch N’ Turn technology of the Aerosoles Women's Homerun Ballet Flats its most attractive feature.

Its seamless construction ensures a flawless design since each of its components is individually stitched together and reinforced, ensuring durability.

The flexible rubber outsoles feature a unique diamond pattern that dissipates shock and protects your feet against friction from uneven surfaces.

Additionally, the padded insole combined with the memory foam footbed reinforces this barrier and provides a supportive and cushioned interior.

The removable nature of the footbed and insole allows you to replace these with custom-made orthopedic inserts if required.

You can also replace the same insoles and footbed when it wears down without investing in a new pair of ballet flats.

The interior is supported by a sturdy yet breathable lining that ensures maximum airflow to counteract sweat accumulation, ensuring hygiene.

Furthermore, the breathable nature also helps regulate temperature so that you can keep the flats on for prolonged periods without experiencing overheating and discomfort.


  • Shock dispersing outer soles
  • Maximum arch support
  • Flexible outer sole to enhance gait
  • Easily manageable leather exterior


  • The narrow silhouette may create leather imprints against protruding toes

4. Cole Haan Women's Emory Bow Ballet Flats

The multiple cushioning levels found in these sturdy ballet flats ensure a high degree of support and comfort for the everyday user.

The fully cushioned sock lining and outer rubber soles create a well-padded barrier, protecting your feet from shock and friction.


We were pleasantly surprised to see the multiple cushioning levels incorporated into the structure of the Cole Haan Women's Emory Bow Ballet Flats.

The supportive structure found in these ballet flats is unlike any other we have come across, making them a top favorite on our list.

For starters, these ballet flats utilize the unstructured elasticized topline collar design that helps achieve a customized snug and comfortable fit.

This feature is most appreciated by users struggling with finding the right pair that does not slide off on their own after being worn for only a couple of minutes.

Additionally, the footbed's fully padded sock lining creates the first line of shock-absorbing defense mechanism against harsh surfaces.

The uniform stitching in the sock lining prevents sectional wear and tear, offering long-lasting comfort and support.

It also provides better arch support compared to conventional sectional cushioning.

Combined with the fully lined interior, the sock lining also offers better moisture control; hence, reducing unpleasant odors and ensuring maximum hygiene.

The inner lining of the Cole Haan Women's Emory Bow Ballet Flats also helps regulate temperature by creating a dry, airy, and healthy atmosphere for your feet to flourish in.

Finally, the rubber outer sole of the ballet flats offers two levels of protection and support.

First, its soft and flexible nature supports traction and gait with the help of the sectional ridges found in the front and rear.

Second, the outer sole is cushioned with patented Grand OS Technology to enhance overall comfort by elevating your feet off the surface.


  • Has an extra layer of comfort
  • Moisture-wicking, comfortable, odor-free inner liner
  • Supports traction
  • Ensures a snug fit
  • Provides maximum arch and heel support


  • Non-replaceable footbed and inner sole

5. Circus by Sam Edelman Women's Connie Ballet Flats

Circus by Sam Edelman Women's Connie Ballet Flats features classiness with flawless stitching and a sturdy leather exterior.

The timeless round-toe silhouette is accentuated by a bow that adds a soft touch to the flats' overall design.


If you are looking for a pair of ballet flats that not only feel good but look good as well, then these are a great option to consider.

While the leather exterior body ensures durability and low maintenance, it also enhances the flats' stylish look.

We found the bow detailing to add an extra layer of finesse to the classic round-toe silhouette of the ballet flats.

Other than its good looks, there are some high-quality comfort-enhancing features incorporated into the design.

For instance, the thick eight-millimeter memory foam padding ensures long-lasting comfort and optimal arch support.

The moisture-wicking synthetic lining ensures a dry and odor-free interior, maintaining hygiene.

Additionally, there is optimal temperature regulation by allowing maximum airflow; thus, reducing discomfort, especially for users required to be on the feet for long periods.

Although the footbed is not removable, you can install reinforced padded adhesives in high-stress regions that may cause blistering.


  • Thick memory foam padding
  • Maximum arch support
  • Reinforced outer sole for better traction
  • Sturdy leather exterior


  • Synthetic lining is not as durable as leather or suede lining

What to Look for in the Best Pair of Nude Ballet Flats?

The best pair of nude ballet flats is not only timeless but also classy and versatile.

It will complement a variety of different styles and fashion trends without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Compared to stressful heels and constraining sandals, ballet flats' slip-on design liberates your gait and posture.

The best pair of nude ballet flats will have some of these features in common:

  • Can withstand seasonal wear and tear
  • Made with breathable material to ensure hygiene, regulated temperature, and odor-free usage
  • When styled with the perfect outfit, it will create the illusion of elongated legs
  • The soft interior lining will prevent blisters and sores
  • The cushioned insoles and cushioned footbed will provide maximum arch support to prevent fatigue
  • A tiny soft rubbery heel for absorbing shock and elevating the feet off the hard surface

Can You Wear Ballet Flats in the Winter?

The timeless design of the ballet shoes allows you to wear them easily all year round. 

During the winter season, though, the ballet shoes' top-open design may be counter-effective if not styled with socks or leggings.

If solid-colored socks do not match your style, you can also pair your ballet flats with a pair of no-show or nude socks. 

Additionally, we recommend opting for a bigger size to accommodate an extra layer of clothing within the flats.

Socks may cause your ballet flats to open up permanently, leaving them too loose to be worn bare in the summertime. 

Wool socks and fleece tights are considerably thicker, so they may cause more irreparable damage. 

We also recommend opting for a pair of ballet flats made with synthetic or leather material.

Compared to fabrics like canvas and cotton, these tend to be less airy and more water-resistant, helping your feet stay warmer for prolonged periods. 

We also love how leather ballet flats are low maintenance or can be easily wiped clean after a day out in slushy snow.

Do Ballet Flats Cause Blisters?

Ill fitted and low-quality ballet flats can lead to blistering and sores.

Additionally, some pairs require a necessary break-in period to prevent these unpleasant encounters.

On the other hand, users with bunions or wide feet may be more prone to getting blisters if they do not opt for the right pair of flats.

Nonetheless, if you are lucky or opt for a good quality pair with essential padding and lining, you may never get any blisters.

However, we recommend a few essential steps to help prevent any possible blistering from the get-go.

For starters, it is always a good idea to wear your new pair of ballet flats with socks indoors before wearing them full-time outdoors.

Additionally, if you have identified some tender regions, we recommend reinforcing those areas with moleskin to prevent further chaffing.

You may also use gel spots in certain regions to prevent rubbing and cause additional friction.

We also found that no-show or nude socks with grips will prevent sliding and slipping, which are a great way to protect your feet from blistering.

The material acts as a moisture-wicking barrier to prevent friction without compromising on style.

Final Recommendation

The best nude ballet flats offer a one-stop-shop solution for all styling-related conundrums.

From formal to casual, neutral tones like nude and beige can complement various outfits without compromising on style.

That said, we found the Aerosoles Women's Homerun Ballet Flats most appealing in terms of style, comfort, functionality, support, and durability.

The patented Stitch N’ Turn technology features a diamond-patterned outer sole with a memory foam footbed which combines to provide maximum support and traction.