Best Blue Ballet Flats of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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There’s something magical about wearing the perfect pair of shoes that complement your favorite outfits.

Then again, finding comfortable and durable ballet flats in unique colors is a difficult feat.

Often, the only colors in stock are neutrals like nude, white, black, or brown.

Have you been able to find the best blue ballet flats?

Even if you do find brands that offer them, how do you know which pair will be suitable for your needs?

For that, we’ve got your back.

Comparison Chart

Charles Albert Ballet Flats for Women

Obtaom Women’s Textile Flat Shoes

ECCO Women’s Touch Ballerina Bow 2.0 Ballet Flats

Alpine Swiss Peony Women’s Ballet Flats

DailyShoes Women’s Classic Ballerina Slip On Flats

Best Blue Ballet Flats Reviews

1. Charles Albert Ballet Flats for Women

These Charles Albert Ballet Flats for Women are an affordable pair of blue ballet shoes perfect for any occasion.

Will these shoes work for your wardrobe, though? Let’s look at them more closely to find out.


The knot design on these Charles Albert flats creates a unique look that is a step-up from the plain flats you might be used to wearing.

It adds a touch of style beyond a basic shoe, which makes it great to wear at all sorts of events.

These flats are made from polycotton and have imported rubber soles that offer a good grip when walking on slick surfaces.

What’s more, the shoes are comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

As a fashionista, you know that cozy, slip-on flats are a great option when you want to switch from high heels.

Thankfully, the flexible, lightweight sole of these shoes allows you to walk long distances without wearing out your feet.

Plus, the soft fabric feels great on the skin when you wear them.

You will also find that these shoes’ round toe is more comfortable than the pointed design of other ballet flats.

Made from high-quality materials, these flats will last you through many wears.

Besides blue, you will also find them in various colors and sizes.


  • Four shades of blue available, among other colors
  • Cute, simple design
  • Easy to find the right fit
  • Doesn’t need breaking in much


  • Durability issues
  • Too thin soles

2. Obtaom Round-Toe Ballet Flats

Another affordable pair, you’ll love these Obtaom Round-Toe Ballet Flats because they show off a classic style.

What’s more, you will find them in a variety of durable fabric options.


Unlike many ballet flats, the rubber sole on these Obtaom flats is made from a thermoplastic material.

Light and flexible, this ensures you can walk for a long time without weighing your feet down.

Additionally, the TPR sole doesn’t slip easily due to how it is made, which helps you feel secure while walking.

These shoes have a breathable upper, made without glue so that they feel soft and comfortable on your feet.

You will also like that the upper’s stripe design adds a touch of elegance that is easy to notice but not overbearing.

What’s more, the classic silhouette of these shoes will look good with many outfits.

You can easily match them with nearly any style or look you want—whether for work or play.

If you love the navy color but want to try neutrals, a variety of colors are also available.

You might also like that the heel height on these slip-on ballet flats measures 0.35 inches.

Though small, it adds to the shoes’ durability, as it will take longer to wear out than the sole on completely flat shoes.

Sliding them on and off is easy, too.

All in all, being comfortable all day long is the norm when wearing these Obtaom Round-Toe Ballet Flats.


  • Sturdy but not stiff upper material
  • Great value for money
  • Slight heel increases durability
  • Good interior padding
  • Offers a little bit of stretch


  • Runs large
  • Sits low on the heel

3. ECCO Women’s Touch Ballerina Bow 2.0 Flats

These mid-range ECCO Women’s Touch Ballerina Bow 2.0 Flats offers a sturdy heel and unique style.

Does this fit what you want to wear next?


After their popular Women’s Touch Ballerina Bow Flats retired, ECCO released the 2.0 version to update the fit and materials.

It is crafted from full-grain or nubuck leather, depending on the color, so this shoe offers a beautiful, well-made design.

Since the upper is full leather, you can expect it to break in and become even more comfortable to wear over time.

It has some stretch, too, but it won’t compensate for large bunions or other shape-related fit issues.

The shoe’s feminine cut and details take it above and beyond the traditional flats shape in terms of style.

There is a microfiber lining inside, as well, which makes the inside incredibly soft while remaining breathable.

The soles’ lightweight cushioning uses ECCO’s FLUIDFORM technology for ultimate comfort and flexibility.

This technology provides support to the foot that is far superior to what you will find in other ballet flats.

Finally, the soft dusty blue stands out among the other ballet flats in the same color.

Its unique tone makes it a fantastic piece to add to any wardrobe.


  • Lovely color and stylish design
  • Soft feel
  • High durability
  • Reliable brand
  • Lightweight and slip-resistant design


  • Narrow in the toe
  • High arches need additional support

4. Alpine Swiss Ballet Flats With Ankle Strap

Another terrific yet affordable blue flats you might want to try are these Alpine Swiss Ballet Flats With Ankle Strap.

The unique ankle strap attracts those who don’t usually enjoy ballet flats, but is that something you want in your collection?


The Alpine Swiss Ballet Flats offer a unique experience because of the addition of the ankle strap.

This elastic ankle strap ensures the flats stay on your feet when walking, but that’s not all.

It’s a crisscross strap, which adds a nice stylish touch you won’t easily find on many ballet flats.

In fact, many people don’t think to look for it.

This addition makes your ankles appear thin and slim, even when they look bulky in other shoes.

You will like that this shoe has a good construction for this price point.

You can also expect good durability for both the man-made upper and the rubber sole.

On the inside, these shoes sport insoles with light padding.

When walking around all day, this cushioning helps to prevent your feet from feeling fatigued.

One major thing to know about these shoes is related to the sizing.

The construction and the ankle strap will lead to a tighter fit than other ballet flats, so ordering one size up is necessary.

Additionally, those with wide feet will likely not find these shoes to be a good fit due to the shoe’s sturdy side construction.


  • Foot stays in the shoe thanks to the straps
  • Sides don’t cut into feet
  • Breathable design
  • Unique, stylish look
  • Great everyday choice


  • Only one color option
  • Run small; must order one size up
  • Not for those with wide feet

5. DailyShoes Ballet Flat Shoes

The DailyShoes Ballet Flats also offers the crisscross experience, but these shoes’ features differ in important ways.


These DailyShoes flats have elastic straps, a zip-up back, and a unique design that works for casual and formal occasions.

However, the foremost goal of these shoes is to elevate comfort.

The elastic straps keep them in place while walking. As such, you won’t get bothered by flip-flopping you often get from ill-fitting shoes.

You will also like that the soles mold to the shape of your feet for a snug, supportive fit.

While these shoes appear to be suede, the faux material is better textured and much easier to care for than the real thing.

Some ballet flats with elastic are hard to get on and take off, but these have zippers for easy removal.

You’ll also find that the shoes’ rubber soles measure 0.25 inches, which means they can take a lot of wear and tear before falling apart.

Durability for ballet flats is not always a reliable factor.

The materials used to make these shoes help them last longer than cheaper versions of similar shoes.


  • Very flattering
  • Roomy toe box
  • Cute, stylish design
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Fits those with wide feet


  • Ankle strap may be tight
  • Check sizing carefully

How Do You Know If Your Flats Are Too Big?

When trying on ballet flats, finding the right size is difficult.

Sometimes, the shoes will feel simultaneously too big and too small, especially when wearing half sizes.

How do you know if your ballet flats are too big for you?

Size (Front-to-Back)

The first thing to consider is the front-to-back length of the shoes.

Shoes that are too big in length will fall off your hell when you walk.

If that is happening, try on a shoe that is down a half or full size. Does the heel still fall off?

If not, you want to check to ensure your toes aren’t too cramped in the smaller size.

Can you still wiggle your toes comfortably? If so, you’re ready to consider width in the next step.

If not, you’ll want to go back up to the larger size.

Though the shoe is popping off of your heel, you’ll want to remedy that with a ball-of-the-foot or heel insole.

These types of insoles commonly fix heel flopping on ballet shoes.

Don’t see this as a misfit, though. Instead, see adding an insole as customizing your shoes to be perfect for your feet.

Width (Side-to-Side)

Once you’ve got the size narrowed down, you’ll want to consider the width, too.

Sometimes, your feet will be too squeezed at the sides by a pair of ballet flats. Other times, they will slide side to side.

These are indications that your shoes are either too narrow or too wide.

Try out different widths, if available, when this happens.

Many people with feet problems, like swollen feet, will want wider sizes.

In some cases, the design of a particular pair of shoes may be too wide or too narrow no matter how you change the size.

When this happens, it’s best to try to find another design and see how it works instead.

How One Affects the Other

Finally, keep in mind that the fitting process can be complex.

Sometimes, choosing a wider shoe affects how the size fits on your feet, as well. But don’t panic.

Try on a variety of sizes and widths to see how the changes affect the fit.

In the end, you’ll be able to find what suits you best.

Also, modifying the fit with insoles is a great way to confirm the fit is as perfect as possible.

How Do You Break in Ballet Flats?

Sometimes, the temptation to put on your new shoes and walk around town to show them off will be too much to ignore.

The next day, however, your feet will show their displeasure with pain, blisters, and other discomforts.

How can you prevent this from happening?

Breaking ballet flats in before wearing them out is an excellent way to protect your feet from this situation.

There are many ways to break in shoes, but breaking in ballet flats is generally one of the simplest processes.

It’s easy because of the simplicity of the materials used in ballet flats.

All you need to do is wear them at home for a couple of days before leaving the house in them.

Put your shoes on, and wear them while you walk around the house until your feet feel uncomfortable.

Then, take the shoes off, and repeat the next day.

To speed up this process, try wearing socks until the flats feel comfortable while walking around at home.

Doing this puts more pressure on the materials so that they begin shaping to fit your feet.

By taking a few days to break your shoes in before you head out to town, your feet will be much more comfortable and much more forgiving.

Which Is the Best Pair of Blue Ballet Flats?

The ECCO Women’s Touch Ballerina Bow 2.0 Flats stand out for their durability, comfort, and unique design.

For us, there aren’t many other blue ballet flats that will measure up to this pair.

The next best option is likely the Alpine Swiss Ballet Flats With Ankle Strap.

An affordable option, these shoes provide crisscross straps to ensure they stay on comfortably all day long.

Finding the best blue ballet flats may not be an easy task, but choosing which pair is right for you is easier with everything you learned today.