Grinder, Susanne

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Susanne Grinder Biography

Notable: Born 1981; Royal Danish Ballet

Susanne Grinder was born in Denmark in 1981. She trained at the Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School. In 1988 she became an apprentice, in 2000 she was assigned to the Corps de Ballet of the Royal Danish Ballet, and during the Bournonville Festival in 2005 she was promoted to soloist. She is furthermore an upper-secondary college graduate in the subjects of Danish, Philosophy, Social Sciences and Visual Arts.

Susanne Grinder has performed in most of the repertoire ballets of the Royal Danish Ballet. Among her roles are Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, title role in The Little Mermaid, Eleonora in The Kermesse in Bruges, the Russian girl in Serenade, the Shepardess in The Nutcracker, and the Girl in Turandot’s Dream. She has also performed the Pas de trois in The King’s Volunteers on Amager, the Pas de Sept in A Folk Tale, the Pas de cinq in Abdallah, the Pas de Six in Napoli, and the Pas de Six (and role as Fairy) in The Sleeping Beauty. She has also appeared in Violin Concerto, Jazz, Swan Lake, La Sylphide, Romeo and Juliet, Giselle, Fearful Symmetries, Symphony in C, Etudes, Vers un Pays Sage and Digital Secrets.

Awards and honours:

  • The Bartholin Grant in 2001 and the Albert Gaulbier Grant in 2004