Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes Review

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Quick Overview





  • Wide size good for wide and expanding feet
  • Affordable value choice
  • Includes toe protectors
  • Pre-sewn ribbons


  • Thinner material than more expensive brands
  • Hard to size on your own

When doing pointe as a beginner or continuing to study as you advance, having the right pointe shoes is a huge part of your success.

It’s normal for ballerinas to go through many different styles of pointe shoes throughout their studies as they seek the right style and fit.

Still, each pair they use should be a good fit that they can rely on while dancing.

Today’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes review will introduce one option that might work for dancers studying pointe.

Find out about this pair of shoes, how it fits, and what is most notable about its design.

Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes

Bezioner is a company specializing in providing women and children with ballet items such as shoes, leotards, and dresses.

The Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes is an introductory-priced pair of pointe designed for easy wear, use, and good durability.

Who Are These Shoes For?

These shoes from Bezioner are ideal for young teenagers and women looking to study pointe with affordable shoes.

While they are not from one of the top brands or the pointe shoes used in professional ballets, they offer great value.

These shoes are also great as a backup pair of shoes or an alternate pair for intermediate dancers who want to rotate between shoes.

Additionally, any dancer on a very strict budget will find that these shoes offer a good blend of price and quality that cannot be found very frequently at this price point.

These products are not ideal for those who need very specific shoes, such as shoes with a ¾ shank or an extra narrow toe box.

Additionally, these shoes are not high-quality enough to be the best choice for experienced pointe dancers who study for 10+ hours a week.

Finally, anyone who wants to try on the shoes with a professional fitter is not likely to want to buy these shoes online.

While buying online usually offers easy returns or exchanges, not everyone finds this process right for buying pointe shoes.

Pointe shoes do not follow street sizing, so they have a specific sizing that should be followed to get the best fit.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes, you'll receive shoes with two crossover ribbons that are pre-sewn onto them.

There's also an included set of silicone toe protectors that can help protect your toes from abrasions and blisters while learning pointe.

Overview of Features

The Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes is a basic pair that is best for beginners and those dancing pointe more casually than professionally.

These value shoes are made with a leather sole that ensures it can last a lot of dances.

It's also anti-slip so you don't have to worry while you're dancing on stage or practicing in the studio.

On the other hand, the inner parts of the shoes are made of cotton, ensuring comfort and breathability while you use them.

The rest of the outer part of the shoes have a thin satin fabric that keeps them breathable, soft, and durable.

While many pointe shoes come with detached ribbons, the ribbons on the Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes are pre-attached.

This small detail can make this a less intimidating option for beginners who aren't yet sure how to sew on their own ribbons.

As with all pointe shoes, you should never clean, wash with water or dry clean, these shoes from Bezioner because it can cause the satin to shrink.

The shoes are resistant to dirt, but small stains can be wiped gently with a slightly damp cloth or scrubbed lightly with a nailbrush.

How To Care for Your Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes

Different types of ballet shoes require different care, and pointe shoes bring on a whole new world for many dancers since they learn to go en pointe.

What is it about pointe shoes that makes them so unique?

Unlike standard ballet shoes, pointe shoes need to be broken in so that they fit your feet in a more specific and accurate way.

That means a lot of work goes into ensuring that the shoes are ready to be worn before they go on your feet.

Work also needs to go into taking care of your shoes after they come off of your feet.

Dancers with many performances a week or take multiple dance lessons each week will find that they go through pointe shoes very quickly.

What can you do to prolong your pointe shoes' life and keep them in danceable condition for as long as possible? Follow these tips:

  • Have Alternate Shoes Available

Pointe shoes are known to last for around 20 hours of dancing once broken in.

This exact amount of time, though, will depend on the shoe, style, and skill level of the dancer.

It is a good idea to own more than one pair of shoes and try to alternate between these shoes every two hours if you are dancing for long stretches.

  • Try Shoe Hardener

Dancers who find their shoes are frequently wearing out too quickly can stop that from happening with a shoe hardener.

By applying a hardener such as a shellac or a specific pointe shoe product to the inside of the block and insole, the shoe will absorb less moisture.

The less moisture the shoe absorbs, the longer it will last!

This process should not be done until your shoes are broken in completely, as the hard coating will prevent the shoes from breaking in any further.

  • Dry You Shoes After Dancing

While dancing, your shoes will absorb some of your sweat and continue to break down.

This leads to the shoes molding to your feet while you dance, but it can also lead to your shoes wearing out too quickly. 

After class, make sure you place them somewhere they can dry.

Take the shoes out of your dance bag as soon as you return home, and make sure they are fully dried out before you dance in them again.

  • Don’t Wear Dead Shoes

While it can be tempting to keep wearing your shoes once they are well-beyond overused, that is never a good idea.

Wearing shoes that are dead or no longer fit properly can cause you serious injury.

If you aren’t yet sure how to recognize when shoes should be considered dead, talk with your teachers to identify this stage more.

  • Make Sure Your Pets Don’t Find Them

If you have pets at home, be sure that you keep your shoes far away from where they might find them.

Even dogs that don’t usually chew on items at home may be attracted to pointe shoes' smell and moisture.

Ensure that you have put them somewhere safe to dry when you are at home with your pointe shoes.

  • Don’t Wash Your Shoes

Again, you can't wash pointe shoes with water. Washing by hand or in a washing machine just isn’t possible due to the nature of satin.

Getting the satin on your pointe shoes wet will cause them to shrink, which is likely to mess up the fit and quality of the shoes.

If you really need your shoes to look cleaner, you can use a small nailbrush to brush away any scruffs and stains.

If that isn’t enough, you can use specialty pointe shoe paints to cover the shoes completely.

Applying paint, though, will change the finish of the shoes, so you should only do this if absolutely necessary or if a matte finish is preferred.


If none of the shoes in today’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes review seem like the right fit for your needs, there are other pairs that you can consider.

Another option that stands out among the best ballet shoes is the Capezio Women's 121 Aria Pointe Shoes.

It's a fantastic pair of shoes by one of the most popular brands.

If those shoes are beyond your price point, but you want to try something slightly more upgraded from the Bezoiners, these shoes from Danzcue are a great choice for many dancers.

All three of these pointe shoe options are great choices for dancers; the best option simply depends on what exactly you are trying to find!

Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes Review: The Verdict

The Women’s Bezioner Pointe Shoes is not the best pointe shoes you could buy, but it's a great, affordable option.

Choosing a quality value pair of pointe shoes like these is a great idea for beginners, dances on a tight budget, or those looking for a backup pair of shoes.

Ultimately, you get what you paid for with these shoes, but there is nothing wrong with sticking to a budget from time to time.

Remember that no matter what type of pointe shoes you decide to invest in, it is important to ensure that you get the fit right.

Without a properly fitting pointe shoe, you could be setting yourself up for serious injury, and that is something that all dancers want to avoid.