Dr Scholl’s Ballet Flats Review

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Quick Overview





  • Includes memory fit foam
  • Square buckle
  • Patented material
  • 100 percent synthetic sole
  • Human-made upper
  • Round closed-toe flats


  • The size may vary
  • Takes some time to adjust

Do you want multi-purpose ballet flats that are comfortable, reliable, and stylish?

This Dr Scholl's Ballet Flats review highlights the features of the affordable and fashionable Frankie model.

In 1904, Dr. Scholl himself patented the shoes' arch support with a vision to create comfortable footwear.

Additionally, with his medical background, he has successfully designed sustainable shoes to save your feet and ankle from any injury.

Dr Scholl's Ballet Flats Review

The Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats has top-class features, including memory foam, cool fit, and a decorative square buckle at vamp.

In addition to that, these shoes come with an elegant faux leather upper with a round toe.

Dr. Scholl has been designing stylish and comfortable footwear for men and women since the 1960s.

Who Is This Product For?

The multi-purpose Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats is comfortable footwear for ballet dance and casual wear.

It also works great for interviews! You can wear it with jeans or skirts to complete your look.

Do you have swollen feet and ankles due to pregnancy? You have an option to select the desired width in addition to the feet size for more comfort. 

Whether you have a desk job or lots of traveling to do, Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats can reduce muscle fatigue in your legs and feet.

If your feet start to hurt due to heels, it’s time to give them a break by wearing the Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats.

What's Included?

Unlike other ballet shoes, the Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats doesn't require any additional elastic, shanks, or ribbons.

One of the best things about the Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats is energy memory fit insoles with a massaging gel.

The added cushioning reduces muscle fatigue from your feet and legs, keeping you energized all day.

Overview of Features

The ballet flats are different from ballet slippers and pointe shoes.

These shoes have a round toe with a low heel and come with a decorative bow or buckle.

The Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats primarily focus on three critical areas of shoes: the sole, footbed, and the upper.

That’s why the upper is hand-made with patented material to ensure durability and comfort.

  • Fashionwear

Whether you are a ballet dancer or not, you can buy Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats for your daily use.

If you are a ballet dancer, you don’t need to change your shoes before and after the class since you can easily wear them on stage and sidewalks.

  • Comfort

The memory foam cool fit adjusts according to your foot size and heel curves to offer a snug fit, necessary during ballet dance.

Also, stabilizing the weight during the dance moves is an essential part of ballet. Here, your footwear plays a vital role by providing the necessary support and balance to your feet.

The Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats offers proper arch support to distribute the body’s weight uniformly throughout the feet.

  • Round-Toe Flats

The round-toe flats offer a perfect fitting with minimal space between the toes and prevent them from slipping from the shoes.

Also, the round-toe flats are an ideal choice to protect your feet from the sun rays.

  • Insole

The smooth lining coupled with the memory foam cool fit offers comfort and security.

In addition to that, the lining keeps your feet dry and cool to minimize sweating, which may lead to accidental slips.

  • Ankle Support

The Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats provide support to the heels and ankles while dancing.

This way, you can focus on learning the dance techniques instead of wasting time balancing yourself on stage.

Not only that, but the heel support doesn’t let the feet slip out from the shoes by encapsulating them properly.

  • Scholl’s® Memory Fit® Insoles

The memory foam is a blessing for people who experience feet and leg fatigue after a long tiring day at work.

The pillow-soft cushioning gives comfort and support, courtesy of the massaging gel, an advanced technology incorporated with memory foam.

The massaging gel also comprises advanced multi-layer waves that absorb the external shock to protect the feet from injuries.

You can also find additional firmer gel around the heel and arch to enhance support.

The cooling vents keep the feet dry and cool, even in hot, humid conditions.

As a result, these flats reduce muscle fatigue in the legs and feet, allowing you to stay on your feet for a longer duration.

Lastly, the memory foam gives a snug fit for softness and comfort.

Cleaning the Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats

The Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats comes with a small 0.5 inches heel and appropriate inner cushioning, making it an ideal choice as daily footwear.

You can also conveniently clean with a wipe or a wet towel. These shoes are made of 100 percent synthetic material, so you can use a damp cloth to clean them.

Additionally, you must replace the insole every six months or after a visible tear.


Even when the Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats is a good option for most, if you also want to compare it with some other options, here are a few more good ballet flats available in the market.

The Dr. Scholl's ballet flats don’t include any elastic straps or ribbons, as discussed previously.

That’s why the following alternatives allow you to explore other ballet flats with straps and adjustable elastic bow.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye Ballet Flats

If you want flat ballet shoes with elastic straps on the ankle, you can opt for the Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye ballet flat shoes.

Instead of synthetic material, these shoes are made of 100% textile, comprising dyed calf fur from China.

They also have a synthetic sole with a heel measuring only 0.25 inches.

These ballet flats come with a criss-cross ankle strap to grip the feet while dancing.

The squarish vamp also looks similar to a toe box, available in ballet pointe shoes.

The Jessica Simpson ballet flats are an apt choice for women with average and narrower feet.

However, women with wide feet can select a bigger size for better fitting. By the way, you can choose from a variety of colors and prints.

Margaux Women’s Demi Ballerina Pink Ballet Flats

If you want to go for more stylish ballet flats, buy the Margaux Women’s Demi Ballerina Pink ballet flat shoes.

These shoes offer a hybrid sole of leather and rubber sole to enhance flexibility.

Additionally, the grosgrain trim and functional cord bow allow you to adjust the fitting accordingly.

This way, you can tighten or loosen the shoes on your feet.

Made in Spain, the Margaux ballet flats come with light five-millimeter foam padding and a supportive innersole with leather lining.

The stacked leather heel measures around one centimeter only.

These premium-quality ballet flats also feature a handcrafted soft Italian Nappa leather, finished with grosgrain trim.

Tory Burch Women's Minnie Travel Ballet Flats

You can choose the Tory Burch Women's Minnie Travel ballet flats if you are looking for foldable ballet flats to carry around conveniently.

These shoes come with a rubber sole and a soft embossed leather upper.

The best thing about these compact and lightweight shoes is that you can fold them neatly and carry them in a tote bag.

The split rubber sole increases flexibility during the dance moves. A soft Napa leather lining encloses the foam cushioning.

The foam cushion reduces fatigue while keeping your feet sweat-free. 

You can find an elastic top-line around the shoes for precise fitting. It’s comfortable and lightweight for your comfort.

Josef Seibel Women's Pippa 07 Flats

The Josef Seibel Women's Pippa 07 flat is premium-quality shoes with 100 percent leather, a rubber sole, and soft leather lining.

Founded in 1886 in Germany, Josef Seibel is famous for designing handcrafted footwear for women and men.

These elegant shoes come with a sacchetto construction, featuring a padded insole.

The outsole also flexes to your feet, offering a perfect fit. The footbed comes with a soft cushion to ensure day-long comfort.

The elastic top-line runs throughout the shoes, offering optimal fit. It also doesn’t let the feet slip out from the shoes while walking or dancing.

The full-grain leather enhances breathability to facilitate airflow to keep the feet dry.

The Josef Seibel ballet flats are a perfect combination of style and comfort, courtesy of their leather upper, lining, and rubber sole.

Instead of a bow or a buckle, these flat ballets come with an additional decorative leather patch, maintaining an elegant look.


To sum up, the Dr. Scholl's Frankie Ballet Flats are versatile shoes, ideal for ballet classes and casual wear due to their elegance.

It's pretty lightweight and distributes the weight evenly on your feet to provide stability during dance moves.

We have discussed its features in this Dr Scholl's Ballet Flats review to give you a clear picture.

If you don’t find these shoes suitable for some reason, you can try the alternatives.