Vyroubova, Nina

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Nina Vyroubova Biography

Notable: Born 1921; Paris Opera Ballet, Grand Ballet de Marquis de Cuevas

Nina Vyroubova was born in Gurzof, Crimea in 1921. As a child she emigrated to Paris where she was inspired to dance after seeing Anna Pavlova perform in 1931. She studied with her mother, Vera Trefilova, Olga Preobrajenska, Lubov Egorova, Yves Brieux, and later Victor Gsovsky and Serge Lifar. She danced with several companies before she in 1949 joined the Paris Opera Ballet as an etoile. She stayed with the Opera until 1956, when she left to join the Grand Ballet de Marquis de Cuevas (1957-1962). Known for her airy lightness, lyricism and romanticism, and also a gifted comedian. It was with Vyroubova that Nureyev made his Western debut after leaving the Kirov Ballet (in de Cuevas Sleeping Beauty). She appears in two films directed by Dominique Delocuhe, Le Spectre de la Rose (1960) and L’Adage (1965). After her career she dedicated herself to teaching.