Vionic Ballet Flats Review

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Quick Overview





  • Great arch support and comfort
  • Enhances recovery from fall arches
  • Offers a wide selection of colors
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • Cozy and stylish


  • Needs to be broken in
  • Thin soles
  • Not the best quality leather

Ballet flats are the go-to for women who want to don something comfortable and trendy on their feet.

Nobody wants to walk around in heels for hours, though a select few women might prove you wrong on this.

If you’re feeling like wearing something cute and cozy to the mall or on a group date with friends, the Vionic ballet flats have got you covered.

Not only are they super cute and stylish, but they also offer that extra support that keeps your feet fresh and strain-free even after hours of walking.

Find out more about this must-have pair by going over our Vionic ballet flats review.

Vionic Ballet Flats

This casual type of ballet shoes offers style, comfort, and heel support to its wearers, so you get to look great and walk comfortably in them.

On top of that, it comes in an array of colors to meet your unique fashion preferences.

Who Is This Product For?

The Vionic ballet flats are for women who don’t want to suffer through hours of walking and standing uncomfortably.

When there’s so much shopping to do, you can’t afford to sit around and rest your feet.

Think about all the sale items you could lose out to fellow shopaholics.

It’s going to be a jungle out there, and you need to be armed appropriately footwear-wise to come out on top.

You can be on the move for hours non-stop and might only feel just the slightest strain on your feet when donning these ballet flats.

You could even get a few compliments here and there from fellow shoppers about how stylish you look.

That’s all thanks to the Vionic flats’ aesthetic and support function.

Normally, orthotics can only be bought or accessed with a specialist's prescription, but that’s definitely not the case with these ballet flats.

These flats function mostly for prevention, keeping your feet at a comfy angle that helps prevent potential heel issues from surfacing.

Plus, if you’re already starting to experience these issues, this beautiful pair of flats could keep them from becoming serious.

Flats win over heels in almost any situation, which is why you’ll want to secure at least a pair or two of these, no matter your style preference.

Besides, almost everybody loves going casual. There’s just something so liberating about it—which is what fashion is all about.

What’s Included?

Built into each pair of Vionic-inspired footwear, including these ballet flats, is a podiatrist-designed footbed that stabilizes your feet and keeps it at a comfortable angle.

This stability is something you’ll feel all the way to the top.

Overview of Features

There’s no doubting how impressive the Vionic ballet flats are, especially considering it’s relatively affordable price tag.

But now, let’s dive into every feature that makes them special.

  • Simple Design

What makes this pair such a draw for many women is it’s seamless, simple design.

After slipping it on, you’ll immediately notice how perfectly it fits.

You'll also be able to tell after a first few steps that there’s no way it could stress your feet out.

  • Folded Toe Box

Footwear that doesn’t fold along with your toes when walking can be uncomfortable to wear.

That’s what the manufacturers of the Vionic flats had in mind when designing this pair’s folded toe-box.

It might seem like a simple, inconsequential addition, but it could mean the difference between buying the pair and settling for another.

  • Elasticized Collar

Women can have the same foot size but different ankle size.

Your ankle could be slightly narrower or wider than someone who shares the same size feet as you.

That’s what these ballet flats’ elasticized collars are for.

Its rubber band-like feature ensures that it’ll comfortably accommodate whatever size ankle you have.

  • Caroll Upgrade

This pair’s aesthetic upgrade courtesy of Caroll is one of the many reasons fashionable women love it.

While still maintaining the classic look, the Vionic pair also incorporates the more modern soft satin elastic line at the top and the crossover detail that sits atop the toe cap.

  • Vionic Touch

As a Vionic product, this pair of ballet flats brings fashion and science together seamlessly.

You then get a shoe that combines the top style trends with innovative biomechanics.

How To Get the Most Out of It

One thing’s for sure; if we had a pair of Vionic ballet flats, we would wear it any chance we’d get.

They’d also be perfect for daily wear, seeing as they’re labeled an everyday wear shoe.

You can break them out for a day of shopping or a lunch date with your best friend.

They’d also be perfect for dress-down days at the office, where you can match them with your favorite casual attire.

If you aren’t looking to collect these shoes in various colors, the best thing to do is get one or two pairs of colors that go with most of your casual clothes.

Get a black- or navy-colored pair, as they're sure to go with most casual clothing styles and designs.


Sitting on equal footing with the Vionic ballet flats with Caroll upgrade is the Vionic Ballet Flats inspired by Spark Robyn.

It, too, is an orthotic shoe with similar functional features to that of our featured flats, though it offers a slightly different look with its perforated dreamcatcher design.

  • Classic Ballet Flats With an Upgrade

As much as we love the classic look of ballet flats, we also want something new that fits our unique style.

You can get that in the perfect pair of Spark Robyn Vionic ballet flats.

This cute and stylish pair comes with a signature perforated dreamcatcher design that offers a nice touch to its classic structure.

The fact that it’s a combination of both means it can work with both modern and conventional casual looks.

How about a mix of modern and traditional casual? Well, this pair is guaranteed to help you slay that ensemble, as well.

  • Great Support System

As with any Vionic product, this pair comes with an impeccable support system.

It provides stability from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

So, whether you’re walking or standing up for hours, you won’t feel as tired or as stressed.

Vionic Ballet Flats Review: The Conclusion

This Vionic ballet flats review shows you there’s so much to love about the Vionic flats with Caroll upgrade than there isn’t.

It’s the perfect shoe to don for the many casual and dress-down days we have in our lives.

And let’s be honest, there’s more of those than there are formal days.

Plus, even in formal engagements, one can usually get away with slipping off those torturous heels and replacing them with their most comfortable ballet flats.

This pair would definitely come in handy on those days.