Suffolk Pointe Shoes Review

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Quick Overview





  • Low Profile
  • Tailored authentic American heel
  • Comes with a high waisted outer sole
  • Standard or hand shanks


  • Expensive
  • No ribbons

If you prefer the aesthetic design and elegance of your ballet shoes, we have great news for you.

The following Suffolk Pointe Shoes review highlights the key features of the classic yet fashionable shoes.

These shoes also offer a durable design, hand-carved by an engineer and an expert shoemaker.

Later, these shoes are computer-graded to ensure perfect fitting and sizing.

It means that Suffolk Pointe Shoes is among the best choices for pointe dancers who want to experience custom fit.

Suffolk Pointe Shoes Review

Made in England, the Suffolk Pointe Shoes features fine leather and elegant satin, making them premium-quality ballet shoes.

As the name suggests, these pointe shoes are lightweight ballet shoes made by Suffolk.

Who Are These Shoes For?

The Suffolk Pointe Shoes improves the ballet dancer’s pointe techniques, especially transitioning to en pointe by using relevé or sauté methods.

It also offers a lower profile with medium compressibility.

These shoes feature a classic shape of the modern dancer’s foot, enabling them to articulate the moves while maintaining balance completely.

Lastly, the signature vamp finishes off the line.

What's Included?

The package includes a pair of shoes and selectable shanks. You can either opt for a standard or a hard shank, depending on your requirement.

However, the Suffolk Pointe Shoes doesn’t come with ribbons or elastics, so you may have to invest some extra bucks to buy them.

Overview of Features

The Suffolk Pointe Shoes is a perfect combination of elegance and balance.

It includes many high-end features like sleek heels, patented designs, and heel curves.

  • Toe Box

The sleek heel minimizes the gap around the ankle in demi-pointe. Plus, it offers a lower profile with a sturdy toe box and wing.

You can find a toe box in the shoe’s front part to encase the toes. This way, the box's flat area provides a horizontal platform for the dancers to balance on.

The toe box is made of various layers of fabrics and paper stiffened using glue. Later, it’s covered with pretty satin fabric.

You require apt footwear to dance on the tip of your toes as you don’t want to end up with sprained ankles or, at worst, broken toes.

The Suffolk pointe shoes offer a comfortable design to fit the tips over the toes perfectly.

Your skin also doesn’t bunch over the shoe, keeping you comfortable throughout the dance.

  • Design

When coupled with Suffolk’s patented design, all these features help the dancer learn the technique correctly.

You can maintain your balance firmly on the stage when you wear the Suffolk Pointe Shoes.

  • Vamp

The Suffolk pointe shoes come with a signature vamp design.

The vamp is essentially the shoe’s top part. In other words, it will cover the top of your toes.

It stretches from the toe box to the drawstring.

  • Heel

The sleek silhouette of the heel curve perfectly hugs a low-profile foot.

It means the heels will touch the back of your feet, keeping them in place to prevent slip outs.

That said, the heel isn’t high enough, so it won’t wrinkle at all.

These shoes also don’t completely cover the heels to keep the Achilles tendon safe from any injury.

  • Sole

The sole of the Suffolk Pointe Shoes is made of a thin leather piece glued and stitched to the bottom.

You should know that the designer intentionally cut the sole smaller than the shoe’s bottom to keep it hidden from sight.

  • Shanks

The shanks provide the necessary support to the dancer's feet to prevent them from slipping out the shoes.

The enhanced sole’s stiffness also offers an elegant arch to the foot.

Shanks run from one end of the shoes to another, providing flexibility and breathability.

The Suffolk pointe shoes allow you to select from two types of shanks: hard or standard.

It means if you have stronger or hard feet, you must select soft shanks.

That said, dancers with soft feet find hard shanks more beneficial.

  • Material

The Suffolk pointe shoes are made from the same silky material as Suffolk’s Corps de ballet shoes, but with more weight for balance.

How to Choose the Size and Shank

The Suffolk Pointe Shoes' fitting is usually two sizes less than American street size.

That’s why you should keep in view the size chart before buying the Suffolk Pointe Shoes.

You can find these shoes in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 7.5 with eight different types of widths running from N to XXX.

You can also select the shank as standard or hard. The standard shank comes with a two-millimeter board, while a hard shank has a 2.5mm board.


Unfortunately, the Suffolk Pointe Shoes doesn’t include protective toe pads.

If you can’t compromise on that, we have shortlisted an alternative pointe shoe to meet your requirements.

WENDYWU Professional Ballet Slipper Dance Shoes

You can choose the WENDYWU Professional Ballet Slipper Dance Shoes that include toe pads for protection.

Designed with premium-quality craftsmanship, these shoes come with attached ribbons.

Not only that, but they also have a high-quality pink ballet bag to protect the shoes from dust.

The WENDYWU dance shoes offer European balance and curve to cover and hug the feet for safety.

In addition to that, the shoes' opening features an elastic drawstring to provide a snug and secure fitting to the toes.

The toe box includes a tapered shape to minimize the gap inside, which will prevent your toes from slipping out of the shoes.

These shoes are also lightweight and breathable to keep your feet dry and cool.

The exterior also has sufficient width for a better appearance.


Let’s wrap up our Suffolk Pointe Shoes review now. We have discussed the shoes in detail to help you decide better.

The lower profile of the Suffolk pointe shoes can help you strike the perfect balance and harmony in ballet moves.

These shoes also assist dancers in improving their carriage and poise while remaining confident and comfortable.

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