Slot, Mølbach Femke

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Mølbach Femke Slot Biography

Notable: Born 1978; Royal Danish Ballet

Femke Mølbach Slot was born in 1978 and trained at the Ballet School of the Royal Theatre. She became an apprentice in 1995 and in 1997 a dancer of the Royal Danish Ballet, where she has danced a large number of roles including Juliet in John Neumeiers Romeo and Juliet, Gulnare in Abdallah, Pas de trois in La Ventana, Nausikaa in The Odyssey, Emilia in Romeo and Juliet, Olga in Onegin, Crystal Fairy in Sleeping Beauty, Venus in Maskarade, Bathilde in Giselle, the Pas de Sept in A Folktale, the pas de six in Napoli, and in Symphony in C, Capriccio, Serenade, Mahlers 5. Symphony, Fearfull Symmetries and The Concert.

Femke Mølbach Slot has guestperformed as Olga in Onegin at Bayerisches Staatsballett München.