Sansha Pointe Shoes Review

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Quick Overview





  • 100 percent satin fabric
  • Comes with a leather sole
  • Adjustable tie bow
  • Affordable
  • Elegant and durable design
  • Low profile shoes


  • Smaller size
  • Comfort level varies from person to person
  • Recommended for beginner students

If you are a ballet student, you must invest in buying a durable pair of pointe shoes.

In the following Sansha Pointe Shoes review, we will discuss the features in detail to help you make the right choice.

Ballet isn’t merely a dance form but an excellent exercise for all ages. It helps in improving body strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio endurance.

Selecting suitable pointe shoes for ballet dance is a challenging task because of the many brands and models available.

You should keep in view your comfort level first so that you can focus on choreography and, most importantly, ballet technique.

Sansha Pointe Shoes Review

The Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes is ideal for ballet students, courtesy of the medium vamp, square box design, and of course, sturdy shank.

In addition to that, the square-wide box coupled with a complete medium strength shank offers excellent stability and balance.

Sansha is a well-known brand, designing comfortable ballet shoes since 1982.

The pointe shoes by Sansha are famous for their adjustable shank system, enabling dancers to shorten or lengthen the shanks accordingly.

Who Are These Ballet Shoes For?

Dancing on pointe shoes serves as the basic ballet training. Not only that, but certain ballet moves require pointe shoes only.

The Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes is an ideal choice for beginners and students.

However, you should only buy pointe ballet shoes if your instructors recommend you.

As a ballet dancer, you shouldn’t use pointe shoes before you are ready for them.

It’s important to note here that pointe shoes can cause permanent injury or damage to your ankles, legs, and feet if you use them without supervision.

That’s why it’s the instructor’s responsibility to help you during the training and provide the shoe recommendation accordingly.

What's Included?

Stitched with a machine, the Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes has an elegant peach pink satin design.

Additionally, the platform is specially designed for medium feet, providing the essential V-Vamp and higher sides.

These sturdy shoes include a wing block to offer lateral comfort and support.

They don’t come with ribbons but instead have adjustable tie bows. The box also doesn’t include any toe pads.

Overview of Features

The Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes' design features 100 percent fabric comprising a satin upper.

The sole is made of pure leather to offer the required flexibility and support.

This way, dancers can move around the dance floor without additional sliding.

  • Wide Square Box

The Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes offers a broader platform to the ballet dancers, allowing them to balance their toes on pointe.

As the name suggests, the pointe shoes have a square design with soft pads.

The soft pads are responsible for protecting the toes while shifting your entire body weight during ballet dance.

Here the square foot design comes into action to redistribute the weight throughout the foot while it’s in vertical position.

The toe pads also prevent you from pushing into the cork or wood. This way, they prevent blisters or any other damage to your toes.

  • Low Profile Design

A low profile design refers to lesser space in the box area. It means you can enjoy a snugger fit!

However, a low-profile design offers less strength but more control and balance.

These stylish shoes are made of 100 percent satin. That’s why the Sansha pointe shoes offer proper air circulation.

Your feet will remain dry to protect you from slipping. Since your feet won’t sweat, you don’t have to worry about any foul smell.

Not only that, but the breathability factor also plays an essential role in maintaining a moderate temperature without making your feet too cold or hot.

  • Breathable Design

The drawstring or elastic makes the ballet shoes breathable and flexible simultaneously.

You can put on and take off the Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes comfortably without stretching them.

The frequent stretching often leads to a distorted shape or loose fit.

  • Medium Shank Length

One of the most significant benefits of using the Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes is removing the shank when required.

The strength of the dancer decides the shank type. For instance, a dancer with weaker strength requires a more substantial shank and vice versa.

  • Whisper Quiet Toe

The whisper quiet toe minimizes the common noises the Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes make while sliding on the dance floor.

Consequently, dancers don’t get distracted by the frictional noise and focus on learning the ballet technique.

  • Medium Box Strength

It’s the main area of the pointe shoes that surrounds the dancer’s toes. The medium box protects the toe area and provides the desired balance to the foot.

Choosing the Right Size and Maintaining the Shoes

One important thing to consider is that ballet shoes have a different size than standard street shoes.

That’s why you should carefully read the company’s size chart before buying one.

The rule of thumb for ballet shoes fitting is to opt for 2.5 to three sizes more than the regular street shoe size.

However, the pointe shoes must offer a perfect fit to the ballet dancers, so don’t opt for more oversized shoes with loose-fitting.

You can also select the width fitting as N (Narrow), M (Medium), and W (Wide).

It’s essential to take care of the shoes and keep them clean using a damp cloth.

You should also never let the shoe’s bottom get wet as it may damage the shape. In the worst case, the entire shoe may fall apart.

Lastly, you should wear pointe shoes only on stage or during the class. It’s better not to wear them outdoors on the streets or sidewalks.


The Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoes doesn’t include any other accessories such as ribbons or toe pads.

Don’t worry! We have shortlisted three affordable alternatives which offer a complete pointe shoe package.

Capezio Women’s 176 Contempora Pointe Shoes

If you are looking for pointe shoes with medium support having sturdy shanks and a U-throat, you can consider the Capezio Women’s 176 Contempora pointe shoes.

Since 1887, Capezio has been designing state-of-the-art ballet shoes which are innovative and graceful.

These shoes are made of 100 percent satin fabric with a durable leather sole.

The benefits of the leather sole include smoothness, support, and grip on the floor. Also, the shoes don’t slide on the dance floor.

These sturdy pointe shoes come with curves to perfectly fit your feet.

The broad feathered box and wings offer both support and comfort. Additionally, the tapered design provides a secure fit.

The U throat allows the dancers to conveniently slip on and off the shoes without disturbing the fit.

Furthermore, the ultra-smooth inner lining adds reinforcement.

On the downside, these shoes are incredibly lightweight and thin, so they may wear out quickly.

KUKOME New Pink Ballet Dance Toe Shoes

KUKOME New Pink Ballet Dance Toe Shoes is another great option. It's made of top-quality silk satin with a high-end cellulose hard bottom.

The package includes pointe shoes and a pair of gel ballet toe pads, one ribbon, and a pair of foot sets.

Consequently, you don’t have to spend extra money on buying the essential accessories.

The silk material not only adds to the overall style but also ensures comfortable fitting. The silky ribbons also offer safety while dancing.

However, you should be mindful of the shoe size before ordering them.

The company recommends you opt for one size smaller if your feet are thin.

Similarly, you should buy one size larger if your feet are thicker.

TXJ Sports Ballet Shoes

TXJ Sports ballet shoes have an outer part of smooth silk for a stylish and professional look. The shoes are also made of satin fabric.

The leather sole provides the desired support and smooth movement. Dancers also won’t skid during their on-stage performance.

These pointe shoes come with a pair of toe pads and two pieces of ribbon. Additionally, the toe pads are made of silica gel for protection.

You can sew the ribbons on the shoes to ensure a perfect fitting. The ribbons also keep the shoes in place and don’t let them slip away.

However, you shouldn’t wash them in a washing machine. Otherwise, the construction of the shoe can come out.


Sansha is a well-reputed global brand known for designing good quality ballet footwear and other accessories.

The primary purpose of our Sansha Pointe Shoes review is to discuss all the features you need in premium-quality pointe shoes.

It helps dancers to distribute the weight throughout the foot instead of toes.

Flexible and comfortable ballet shoes like Sansha Women's Recital II Pointe Shoe can help beginners perfect their ballet moves.

The wide square box and medium shank length offer support and durability at an affordable price.

We have also listed some alternatives if you’re looking for extra protection through ribbons and toe pads.

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