Pontois, Noëlla

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Noëlla Pontois Biography

Notable: Born 1943; Paris Opéra Ballet

Noëlla Pontois was born in Vendôme, France, in 1943. She entered the Paris Opéra Ballet School in 1953 and joined the POB in 1961. She was promoted to principal in 1966 and to étoile in 1968. She is remembered for her lightness, exceptional balance, romantic grace and delicate style. Was a frequent partner of Rudolf Nureyev. Retired from the POB in 1983.

She excelled in the 19th-century classical repertoire but also created roles in among others Petit’s Adage et variations 1965, Extase 1968 and Mouvances 1976, Descombey’s Jazz Suite 1966 and Zyklus 1966, Flindt’s Jeux 1973, Alonso’s Pas de quatre 1973, Robbins’ Scherzo fantastique 1974.


  • Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, 1984