Pavane, Lisa

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Lisa Pavane Biography

Notable: Born 1961; Australian Ballet, English National Ballet

Lisa Pavane studied at the Australian Ballet School. She joined the Australian Ballet in 1981. She was promoted to soloist in 1983 and principal in 1986. She created the role of My Fawny in Robert Ray’s Poems in 1981, a principal role in Ray’s City Dances in 1982, the role of an Apparition in Graeme Murphy’s Gallery in 1987 and principal roles in Stephen Baynes’ Ballade in 1988 and Catalyst in 1990. She danced leading roles in all the major works in the Australian Ballet’s repertoire.

In 1994 Pavane, with then husband Greg Horsman, left the Australian Ballet to join the English National Ballet. In London Pavane continued her succesful career as a classical dancer.