Laerkesen, Anna

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Anna Laerkesen Biography

Notable: Born 1942; Royal Danish Ballet

Anna Laerkesen was born in Denmark in 1942. In 1959 she was engaged by the Royal Danish Ballet. She was appointed principal dancer in 1964. Retired in 1984. Then working as instructor and freelance choreographer. Also guest dancer with the National Ballet of Canada 1967-68 and with the Eliot Field Company 1970.

She has danced a number of leading roles with the Royal Danish Ballet, including Bournonville roles like Sylphide in La Sylphide, Hilda in A Folk Tale, pas de six in Napoli, Eliza in The Conservatoire, pas de deux in The Kermesse in Bruges, The Flower Festival in Genzano, Louise in The King’s volunteers on Amager.