Isotoner Ballet Slippers Review

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Quick Overview





  • Comfortable sole
  • Perfect fit
  • Bow detailing
  • Lots of color or print choices
  • Easy to wash


  • Runs a bit smaller
  • Not for rough outdoor usage

Ballet slippers have been women’s go-to for comfort around the house for ages.

Inspired by traditional ballet shoes, these slippers also have a touch of elegance, so you don’t just feel comfortable but also look great.

This Isotoner Ballet Slippers review will break down the features and benefits, helping you decide whether these shoes are really for you.

What many women forget is that ballerina slippers aren’t just supposed to be comfortable but also functional.

Your feet should have the support they need even when you’re just lounging around the house.

That’s what distinguishes the best from the rest!

Isotoner Ballet Slippers Review

Ballerina slippers are similar to adult ballet shoes in terms of design, having a flat sole and a stretchy upper.

Famous for casual use, these slippers can be made from a variety of fabrics.

The Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers is designed for both casual and formal use.

This design has been part of Isotoner’s Ballerina collection for years now, offering a wide range of textures and colors for you to choose from, depending on your taste and needs.

Who Are These Slippers For?

These Isotoner ballerina slippers are for any woman looking for class with comfort.

Their flat sole makes them ideal for indoor use. Many women choose ballerina slippers to wear around the house simply because of their fit and style.

Since these have a satin upper, decorated with a subtle bow-tie, you can also wear them at parties, especially at weddings where you can pair them with a dress.

Ballerina flats are also ageless, so you’d see both young and older women wearing them.

These are best for working moms who have to do a lot of chores around the house and work. 

Their versatility can come in very handy for such women who need shoes that can work both at home and outdoors.

If you’re an environment-conscious woman, the long-lasting nature of the Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers makes them an ideal choice.

You can easily wash and use them over and over again, helping reduce your carbon footprint while getting your money’s worth.

What’s Included?

The Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers comes in neat packaging. There aren’t any additional accessories or cleaning tools included in the pack.

Overview of Features

Let’s talk about what the Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers offers.

  • Construction

The slippers feature a satin upper made of nylon or polyester and spandex. The spandex gives it just the right amount of stretch to fit ergonomically.

The composition is 95% nylon and 5% spandex for the solid shades, while the printed ones have 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

The sole is made of genuine suede, which is reliably sturdy. Its soft-touch texture makes it incredibly comfortable on the heel.

While the suede sole is lightweight and soft, it’s generally best for indoor use. You can’t expect the soles to withstand rough terrains.

That said, you can wear the Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers outside as well, just not regularly, especially if you’re doing a lot of walking on the streets.

Also, the soles have a soft cotton terry lining that doubles as a cushioning layer, absorbing shocks when you walk in them.

  • ISOFlex™ 

ISOFlex™ technology of Isotoner makes the Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers conform to the shape of your foot.

Since foot shapes vary, this technology helps the shoes achieve a more comfortable fit.

With a flexible insole, the slipper moves with your foot. In other words, it acts as a second skin, providing protection and comfort.

Whether you’re an active person who moves around a lot or you just use them for lounging, the slippers suit both purposes.

  • Elegant Look

The Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers does have a very feminine look, especially with the tuxedo grosgrain bow.

That very look also makes it versatile. If you’re very style-conscious even around the house, you’ll appreciate its compatibility with anything from jeans to jammies.

Functional features and qualities aside, these classic ballerina slippers come in an array of colors and textures.

You can get basic colors like your blacks, whites, greys, and beiges or something dressier in a vibrant color or print.

  • Machine Washable

The Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers is machine-washable, which means cleaning it is a breeze.

You can clean it in the machine and dry outside, laying it down flat, without using heat.

Since these slippers are machine-washable, there’s a possibility of shrinkage.

That’s why you may be better off ordering one size up than your regular shoe size.

That also means you can wear them without socks without worrying about germ build-up from sweat. 

You can always throw them in the washing machine and have them cleaned, sanitized, and refreshed.

How To Wash Your Ballet Slippers

While you can wash the Isotoner Shoes in the washing machine, you can also try washing them with your hands.

Here’s a video that shows how to clean canvas ballet slippers.


If you feel that the Isotoner Women’s Ballerina Slippers isn't for you, whether because of design or its use pivoted more towards home, there are some decent alternatives.

Isotoner Chevron Microterry Ballerina Slippers

While the satin fabric is soft and comfy, it’s not the coziest in those frigid winters.

So for those looking for even more coziness, the fuzzy micro terry upper of the Isotoner Ballerina Slippers should do the job.

It also has a suede sole, so it's pretty much the same as the satin ones.

However, these are markedly more moisture-wicking, thanks to the SmartDri lining feature. 

As a result, you would probably need to wash them less often as well, as compared with the satin. 

In terms of design, these have micro terry upper with a subtle chevron pattern.

The fuzzy exterior adds a feeling of warmth to the aesthetic of the slippers.

These are exclusively designed for home use, so won’t work outdoors so much.

Like all other Isotoner slippers, these ones are also machine-washable.

They are both from the same brand and part of the wider ballerina collection, so there are many similarities.

You can even find other materials like velour in Isotoner slippers. But for those considering another brand, the following product is worth considering.

Dearfoam’s Velour Ballerina Slippers

If you want slippers with a more rugged sole, Dearfoam’s Velour Ballerina Slippers can be a good option.

Unlike Isotoner’s suede sole, this footwear features a synthetic sole with a well-designed outsole surface like ballet flats.

Therefore, the Dearfoam’s Velour Ballerina Slippers can also work outside, even when you have to walk a lot.

You still do reap the benefits of wearing ballerina slippers in terms of fit and design.

Another major difference is the velour upper, which is somewhat similar to the lustrous satin fabric.

However, the microfiber velour is still different from the all-synthetic satin material.

There are, of course, similarities to Isotoner slippers as well, because, after all, these are also ballerina slippers.

These come in a leopard print, which is also an option with Isotoner slippers. Similarly, they also feature the classic bow.

Both are comparable in terms of price, so it pretty much just comes down to your use, whether you’ll wear these outdoors a lot or mostly at home.


Hopefully, this Isotoner Ballet Slippers review has given you enough information to make up your mind.

These slippers are known for their comfort, so you’ll really be able to relax your feet in these.

If you’re one of those people who can’t stay bare feet around the house, you should invest in a pair of these slippers.

If used with care, these should ideally last for many years. Even when they do wear out, you can replace them easily since they are super affordable.