Farrell, Suzanne

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Suzanne Farrell Photos

Suzanne Farrell Biography

Notable: Born 1945; New York City Ballet

Suzanne Farrell was born in Cincinatti 1945. She joined New York City Ballet 1961. Left NYCB 1970 and danced 4 years with the Ballet du XXe Siècle in Brussels, Belgium. In 1975 she rejoined the New York City Ballet and began another period of creative activity with Balanchine. Her technical virtuosity, spontaneity and exceptional musical sensitivity made her the perfect Balanchine ballerina.

Repertoire includes:

  • Serenade
  • Don Quixote
  • Movements for Piano and Orchestra
  • Meditation
  • Tzigane
  • Vienna Waltzes
  • Mozartiana
  • Schumann’s Davidsbundlertanze

After her reconciliation with Balanchine in 1975 she stayed with the New York City Ballet until she retired from performing in 1989.