Best Red Ballet Flats of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best red ballet flats are a combination of versatility, classiness, style, comfort, and low maintenance.

Red ballet flats can complement a variety of styles varying from formal to casual and sleek to evocative.

We have compiled a list to help you pick the right pair to complement your outfit and match the occasion.

Comparison Chart

Aerosoles Women’s Red Leather Ballet Flats

Sam Edelman Women’s Felicia Ballet Flats

Lucky Brand Women’s Alba Ballet Flats

Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flats

Clarks womens Sara Orchid Ballet Flats

Best Red Ballet Flats: A Review

1. Aerosoles Homerun Ballet Flats

The timeless design of the Aerosoles Homerun Ballet Flats exuberates functionality.

The removable padded insoles, combined with the memory foam footbed and rubber outsoles, provide a supportive and comfortable environment for the user’s feet.

The flats also have a breathable lining that ensures airflow to help regulate temperatures and keep the shoes on for longer periods.


The Aerosoles Homerun Ballet Flats is specifically designed with increased functionality in mind to ensure comfortable long wear.

For instance, the padded insoles combined with the memory foam footbed contort naturally around your feet to provide a comfortable and snug fit.

These features specifically complement the flats' soft and supple outer leather body, which helps mold the shoes to your feet.

You will also notice that the insoles' cushioning is specifically designed to support the arch region to reduce fatigue.

The removable nature of these insoles enhances the shoes' overall versatility by allowing users with orthopedic concerns to attach their insoles.

Additionally, if worn down, you can easily replace these without replacing the flats that can be costly otherwise.

We particularly found the patented Stitch ‘N Turn technology to have enhanced the flats' overall durability.

By stitching together each part of the shoes separately, the manufacturers have incorporated reinforced stitching in high-impact regions to protect against wear and tear.

The rubber outsole and 0.5-inch heel are made from composite material to elevate your feet from ground level and prevent long-term issues.

Additionally, these flats feature a patented diamond pattern specifically designed to disperse shock upon impact and minimize friction to protect your feet.

Despite the rounded toe design, there is ample space inside the shoes to prevent toes from chaffing against the interior.


  • Removable and replaceable footbed
  • Increased airflow
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Enhanced comfort


  • Snug-fitting around large toe creates toe imprints

2. Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flats

The Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flats' unstructured design makes it a favorite among women with bunions and wide feet.

The elastic collar naturally adjusts to your feet to ensure a perfectly snug fit.

Nonetheless, when stretched out to maximum capacity, the soft supple leather will look as good as new.


We found the low-key classical design of Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flats to be extremely low maintenance. 

Its soft supple leather body is easily manageable and only requires a simple wipe down once in a while.

The padded leather insoles also have reinforced double stitching that does not chafe against the skin even in hot, humid weather.

Combined with the heel region's padding, the inner sole provides maximum arch support with reduced fatigue and tiredness.

The 0.25-inch heel adds an extra layer of elevation to protect your feet from direct shock impact against harsh surfaces.

We particularly love the elasticized collar on the topline of the ballet shoes.

Although the collar may cause the shoes to look crumbly and unkept, they expand and adjust against your feet when worn. 

Combined with the soft leather, the elastic topline supports the feet’s movements and creates a barrier against slipping off.

Unlike structured ballet flats, women with bunions or sensitive skin can easily wear them since there is limited to no chafing.


  • Snug fit
  • Maximum arch support
  • Does not require any break-in time


  • Non-sturdy outsole grip; susceptible to early wear and tear

3. Lucky Brand Alba Ballet Flats

The understated design of the Lucky Brand Alba Ballet Flats ensures versatility. 

You can easily pair it with a variety of outfits for different occasions.

The asymmetrical topline and square toe silhouette provide a supportive environment for feet with a wide profile.


The Lucky Brand Alba Ballet Flats' square toe silhouette provides ample room for feet with bunions or a wider profile.

We found the synthetic lining supporting the design by providing a moisture-wicking and temperature-regulated environment within.

The flat’s upper body is made with high-quality leather material, which supports gait and provides a safe shell for your feet.

One of our favorite features is the subtle stitching that helps securely hold together the shoe’s multiple features.

By reinforcing the stitching in certain high traffic sections, the shoes' overall durability has been enhanced significantly.

Also, combined with the inner lining, it prevents unwanted chafing or tugging of the skin, which could otherwise lead to blisters.

Although the flats' insole is lightly padded, it can still provide optimal arch support in combination with the synthetic outer sole.

Despite the footbed's fixed nature, there is ample space within for reinforcing stressful regions with extra adhesive padding.


  • Synthetic lining reinforces overall durability
  • Supports wide feet profile
  • Cushioned footbed ensures comfort


  • Irreplaceable footbed

4. Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flats

If you are looking for a pair of extremely comfortable and supportive ballet flats, then the Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flats is a great option.

The soft leather exterior is as supportive as the versatile and durable features found within the flats.

For instance, the patented HPO2Flex technology combined with the suede leather sock lining ensures maximum comfort, durability, and enhanced utility.


The Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flats is specifically designed with enhanced utility and functionality in mind to support the working woman.

The flats' elasticized topline collar stretches, adjusts, and settles softly against your feet.

This feature is specifically beneficial for users who struggle with finding the perfect fitting in a pair of ballet flats.

The full-grain leather upper has achieved a deep tint, ensuring that these red ballet flats are not just good to wear but to look at as well.

Additionally, its soft and stretchable nature works well with the rubber outsole to support traction and ensure enhanced durability.

The molded outer sole is supported by a ¼ inches heel, elevating your feet off the harsh surface and ensuring shock absorption.

We found the patented HPO2Flex footbed to be the most attractive feature of these ballet flats.

This cushioned triangle footbed supports your gait by providing a flexible and lightweight environment for the feet.

Combined with the suede leather sock lining, the footbed enhances overall breathability by increasing airflow so you can keep the flats on for longer periods.

The sock lining has an inbuilt moisture-wicking mechanism that supports temperature regulation, allowing maximum comfort even during the warmer seasons.


  • Collar adjusts according to the feet
  • Ridges prevent slipping
  • Optimal arch support
  • Supports traction and gait


  • Irreplaceable innersole and footbed

5. Clarks Sara Orchid Ballet Flats

The Clarks Sara Orchid Ballet Flats offers maximum comfort in a stylish and classy round-toe silhouette.

Its functional design incorporates a series of comfort-enhancing features that ensure long wear in hot and cold weather.


We found the usage of glossy panels on the leather exterior of the Clarks Sara Orchid Ballet Flats most stylish.

Besides their obvious appeal, the flats exuberate enhanced comfort on every level.

For instance, the polyurethane foam footbed is reinforced in targeted regions to offer maximum arch support and protect against joint pains.

Additionally, the textile lining incorporated within has a moisture-wicking mechanism that helps keep the interior and regulate temperature.

These features are specifically designed to help you accomplish various tasks without worrying about stressing out your calves or joints.

The durable TPR outer sole offers maximum fatigue relief by dissipating friction and shock against harsh surfaces.

Also, the reinforced ridges on the front and back of the outer sole support gait and protect against slipping.


  • Ensures targeted padded regions
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Protects against slipping


  • Irremovable and irreplaceable footbed

Are Ballet Flats Good For Your Feet?

Like any pair of shoes, an ill-fitted, low-quality pair of ballet flats can be harmful to your feet.

On the contrary, a well-fitted, high-quality pair that compliments your style and gait will go a long way in ensuring your feet's health.

Here are a few things to consider when opting for a pair of ballet flats that are not only good to look at but wear for prolonged periods:

  1. Ballet flats with at least a quarter-inch soft and rubbery heels will provide some arch support.

  2. Look for a pair with a flexible sole that is either rubber, ribbed, or textured to help absorb the maximum shock.

  3. Make sure there is preferably a quarter-inch of extra space in front of your longest toe because ballet flats are not designed to stretch out in length.

  4. It is always better to opt for a bigger size than a smaller one.

  5. The flats may start to distort in the front and leave toe imprints if your toes are pressing against the inner wall.  

  6. Ballet flats that come with wedged cushioning offer better arch support and protect against knee, hip, and back issues.

Can You Wear Ballet Flats to Work?

Unlike heels, ballet flats are considered a healthier option to wear to work.

Since ballet flats come in various styles and silhouettes, you can easily opt for a pair that compliments your work’s dress code.

Also, these offer better posture, hip alignment, weight distribution, reduced joint soreness, and relaxed calf muscles.

We recommend keeping in mind a few things when considering wearing ballet flats to work:


Choose a color that matches the nature and culture of your work.

If ever doubtful, we recommend opting for neutral colors, like nude, black, and beige.

Toe Style

Select an appropriate toe style for your ballet flats depending on your work’s dress code.

For instance, pointed and angular toe flats are better suited for business or professional dressing, while rounded toes exuberate a comfortable and relaxed sense of style.

Wearing of Socks

Ballet flats are generally meant to be worn without socks, but you can opt for toe socks if required.

Hemline Adjustment

Make sure to adjust and check the hemline of your clothing with ballet flats.

Appropriately adjusted hemlines help highlight your leg line, accentuate posture, and protect pants from getting damaged by coming under the flats.

Do Ballet Flats Stretch Out?

While most shoes stretch out naturally over time, some may take longer than others.

The time ballet flats take to stretch out depends on the material used in manufacturing them.

For instance, leather material may take longer compared to synthetic material.

However, most ballet flats stretch out in width; thus, users are cautioned against buying smaller sizes.

Small size or ill-fitted pair can cause long-term health concerns, such as plantar fasciitis.

Here are some ways to help you stretch out your ballet flats:

Use Them Indoors

Wear your ballet flats indoors for prolonged periods and on soft surfaces such as carpets to help them adjust against the contours of your feet.

Wear Them With Socks

If wearing them barefoot is hurtful, we recommend wearing them with thick socks for short periods at a time to help loosen them a bit.

Use a Frozen Zip Lock Bag

A frozen zip lock bag will help expand the outer edges of the shoes. However, make sure to seal the zip lock bag properly to avoid flooding your shoes.

Additionally, when placed inside the shoe, try to arrange the bag so that it is pushing against the edges.

Buy a Shoe Stretch Spray

Invest in a high-quality shoe stretch spray depending on the material of your shoes.

Final Recommendation

The best red ballet flats will exuberate timelessness. Besides the chic design and color, they will maximize utility by enhancing overall comfort levels via inner and outer features.

That said, we found the Aerosoles Homerun Ballet Flats to adequately incorporate all these features without compromising on durability and functionality.

The removable nature of the padded inner sole and memory foam footbed ensures versatility by allowing you to replace them with orthopedic inserts if required.

Although the flats do not feature an elasticized topline collar, the foamy and padded features can still provide a snug fit.