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Ballet Memorabilia

These are some items from my collection of ballet memorabilia.

My Book Collection

Photo signed by Irina Kolpakova.
Photo by Judy Cameron.

Photo signed by Maya Plisetskaya.
Photo by Anna Klushkina.

Photo signed by Natalia Bessmertnova and Vladimir Vasiliev.
Photo by Igor Akulenko, 1969.

Photo signed by Natalia Bessmertnova.
Photo by Igor Akulenko, 1986.

Picture signed by Natalia Bessmertnova.
Photo by Frederika Davis, 1963.

Photo signed by Antoinette Sibley.
Photo by Leslie E. Spatt.

Photo signed by Altynai Asylmuratova.
Photo by Nina Alovert.

Photo signed by Altynai Asylmuratova and Faruk Ruzimatov.
Photo by Petra Bober.

Photo signed by Ludmila Semenyaka.

Programme signed by Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin.

Photo signed by Mette Bødtcher.

Photo signed by Maya Plisetskaya.

Photo signed by Irina Baronova.
Photo by Maurice Seymour.

Photo signed by Nathalie Krassovska 1936.

Picture signed by Ekaterina Maximova.

Margot Fonteyn Autobiography signed in 1979.

Margot Fonteyn shoes signed in 1963.
More pictures of Margot's pointe shoes

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