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Mara Galeazzi
b. 1973
Royal Ballet

Photo: Yuko Miyazawa

Photo: Bill Cooper

Photo: Bill Cooper

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Maria Galeazzi was born in 1973 in Brescia, Italy. She trained at La Scala, Milan. She joined the Royal Ballet in 1992 and was promoted to Principal in 2003.

Repertoire includes:
Juliet, Lise, Firebird, Gamzatti, Tatiana, Mathilde Kschessinska, Mary Vetsera, Marie Larisch, Myrtha, Calliope, Lescaut's Mistress, Aurora (Awakening pas de deux), Anastasia, roles in The Leaves are Fading, Scènes de ballet, Agon, Thaïs pas de deux, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, My Brother, My Sisters, Song of the Earth, Fearful Symmetries, Symphonic Variations, Concerto, Raymonda Act III, The Judas Tree, Danses concertantes, Las Hermanas, Voices of Spring, Carmen, Young Wife (La Ronde) and Talisman pas de deux.

She created roles in Two-Part Invention, Cheating, Lying, Stealing, Tidelines, Hidden Variables and This House Will Burn. She has danced as a guest artist with Irek Mukhamedov and Company and Scottish Ballet in Nutcracker.

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